A Map With The Clouds

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A Map With The Clouds

A Map With The Clouds

Pier Naline

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The Italian producer Pier Naline presents his new EDM single “A Map With the Clouds”.

Pier Naline’s second collaboration with the British singer Ashleigh, “A Map With the Clouds” is a catchy and exciting electro-house banger. A must have for your collection.

Dedicate to the future of space travel and exploration, the song tells the story of two astronauts embarking on a space mission leaving Earth behind in search of a new planet to inhabit. The song has a positive charge with just a touch of melancholy about leaving Earth for the survival of the human race.

Prepare for your space travel: now’s your chance to discover a new planet.

5…4…3…2..1.. Lift-off!


Music and Lyrics: Pier Naline (special thanks: MWPH and C.G.J.)

Vocals: Ashleigh

Mix and Master: DNB Sound Studio

Coverart: @harlequinrondo


Release: CAT419793

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