Atomic Collision

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Atomic Collision

Atomic Collision

Pier Naline

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Pier Naline is bringing the vibes once again with “Atomic Collision”.

Pier Naline presents his second release of 2018 “Atomic Collision”, a melodic trance instrumental track that kicks things off with a deep and powerful kick, straight forward drums, a driving bassline and an inspiring synth riff.
With this explosive track, Pier Naline brings you the tremendous power of the Atom. Do dancing electrons ever stop spinning?

‘Atomic Collision’ is the latest release from Pier Naline of 2018.

Artwork by @harlequinrondo

Una traccia strumentale che porta dentro di se tutta la forza dell’atomo. Siete pronti a diventare elettroni che danzano senza posa?

“Atomic Collision” è il secondo singolo pubblicato da Pier Naline nel 2018. Dal 5 Novembre disponibile in tutti i digital store e principali piattaforme musicali.

Artwork di copertina a cura di  @harlequinrondo



Release: CAT252904

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