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White Spider Lily (Lycoris Albiflora)

Pier Naline

Forget Me Not (Myosotis)

Pier Naline

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Spring is in the air and the wildflowers are blooming: it’s the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of sight, sound and colour.
“Blossoms”: two instrumental tracks to celebrate this season.

Be fascinated by the explosive force of awakening life.

Music by Pier Naline.
Artwork by @harlequinrondo


E’primavera, la stagione del risveglio della natura: un’esplosione di armonie floreali e dei loro colori, trasportata in musica.
Due brani strumentali per celebrare la stagione della rinascita.

“Blossoms”. Musiche di Pier Naline.
Artwork di copertina: @harlequinrondo


Release: CAT294104

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