Fuego (Me Quemo)

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Fuego (Me Quemo) - feat. Gabriella Trussi

Pier Naline

Passion Vibes - feat. Gabriella Trussi

Pier Naline

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“Fuego (Me quemo)” is a latin-pop single released in April 2016 by the Italian dance-music producer Pier Naline and features the Paraguayan singer Gabriella Trussi.
“Fuego” is the first collaborations between the two Italy-based artists.
The lyrics of the English version of the song (released with the title of “Passion Vibes”) has been written by Pier Naline while the lyrics in Spanish language has been written by the the singer herself after the decision to release a double language version of the same song.

The music-video has been shooted in the Summer of 2015 in Northern Italy. The “Scaccomatto” club has been choosen as the location for the night and dancing scenes. The video is directed by Davide Polimeni, a young and promising music video director from Milano. Both Pier Naline and Gabriella Trussi starred in this video that made its first appearance on VEVO in April 2016.

Title: Fuego (Me Quemo)
Music: Pier Naline
Lyrics: Gabriella Trussi
Coverart: Kenji Iwaisawa (Japanese multi-award winning manga artist)


Release: CAT60113

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