Incontri (Red String of Fate)

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Incontri (Red String of Fate)

Pier Naline (feat. Myky & Arianna Morena)

Incontri (Red String of Fate) - Redshift Version

Pier Naline (feat. Myky & Arianna Morena)

Incontri (Red String of Fate) - Blueshift Version

Pier Naline (feat. Myky & Arianna Morena)

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“Incontri – Red String of Fate” is a dance pop single by Pier Naline. Released in July 2019 in 3 versions (Original, Redshift and Blueshift), the song features the Italian singers Myky and Arianna Morena marking the second and third collaboration with the Italian producer, respectively.

The title “Incontri – Red String of Fate” refers to an ancient Asian legend.
Legend has it that human relations are predestined by a red string that fate ties to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life. The two people connected by this thread (that can never break) will have an important story, regardless of the time, place or circumstances. It speaks of a ramification that emerges from a finger toward all those with whom we will make history and all those whom we will help in one way or another. And the never-ending connection we have with someone special, for all the lives we will ever live.
Our itinerary of encounters follows a predetermined plot: if two people are united by the red string of destiny, everything that occurs in their life is nothing more than a plot through the route of string that would end up reuniting them.

“Incontri – Red String of Fate”, from July 2019 in all digital stores and major music platform.

Music and Lyrics by Pier Naline
Singers: Myky, Arianna Morena
Mix and Master: DNB Sound Studio
Artwork by @harlequinrondo


Release: CAT317627

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