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Onirica (Original mix)

Pier Naline

Onirica (Five planets version)

Pier Naline

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“Onirica” is the new dance music project by Pier Naline.

FANTASY – Fast drums pattern, evolving bass lines and sexy-ethereal angels voice create together the spiral of dreams, the entering gate to the world of Onirica. AGAIN and AGAIN, you will be captured. And the dream goes on, FOREVER.

Released in two instrumental versions (Original and Five planets version), “Onirica” has been released in 2016 and  this Album follows several hit songs released in the same year by Pier Naline.

STEM package is also available to all DJs with compatible gear. Don’miss it!

Enjoy also the dynamic and colorful music video of “Onirica” on Pier Naline’s channel on VEVO and YouTube


Release: CAT82718

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